D-Scope Workstation Software – Hardware Minimum Requirements

When installing D-Scope Software on a Windows 10 PC, following are the minimum requirements.

1      Hardware

Hardware Requirements

2      Operating System

Edition Operating System
Workstation Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise 64-bit (v1809 minimum)

3      Capture Device

*With the exception of USB Cameras, D-Scope will require a capture card to record medical procedures

Model Interface Inputs
Decklink Mini Recorder 4K PCIe x4 HDMI, 6G SDI
Decklink Studio 4K PCIe x4 HDMI, 6G SDI, S-Video, Component, Composite
Decklink SDI 4K PCIe x4 6G SDI
Intensity Pro 4K PCIe x4 HDMI, S-Video, Component, Composite
PEXHDCAP60L2 PCIe x1 DVI, S-Video, Component, Composite

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